Kejuruteraan Bahan – Module Emas – Topik Kepelbagaian Pengunaan Emas Siri 5

Assalammualaiku kepada para pembaca..selamat bermalam minggu…apa aktiviti para pembaca esoknya..hmmm geng dapat rasakan yang para pembaca akan gunakan sepenuhnya untuk bersama keluarga kan?eloklah…ok untuk kali ini geng akan ceritakan peranan emas dalam perubatan…tetapi artikal nie geng akan taipkan semula dalam bahasa asalnya kerana bidang perubatan nie geng rasa elok geng tak olah…ok lagipun ini pun baru bagi geng, tak sangka emas digunakan dalam perubatan jugak…ok selamat mebaca

Kegunaan emas dalam perubatan

Gold is used as a drug to treat a small number of medical conditions. Injections of weak solutions of sodium aurothiomalate or aurothioglucose are sometimes used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Particles of a radioactive gold isotope are implanted in tissues to serve as a radiation source in the treatment of certain cancers.

Small amounts of gold are used to remedy a condition known as Lagophthalmos, which is an inability of a person to close their eyes completely. This condition is treated by implanting small amounts of gold in the upper eyelid. The implanted gold “weights” the eyelid and the force of gravity helps the eyelid close fully.

Radioactive gold is used in diagnosis. It is injected in a colloidal solution that can be tracked as a beta emitter as it passes through the body. Many surgical instruments, electronic equipment and life-support devices are made using small amounts of gold. Gold is nonreactive in the instruments and is highly reliable in the electronic equipment and life-support devices.

Kegunaan emas dalam pergigian

How would iron work as a dental filling? Not very well… your dentist would need blacksmithing tools, your smile would be rusty a few days after a filling and you would need to get used to the taste of iron. Even at much higher expense, gold is used in dentistry because of its superior performance and aesthetic appeal. Gold alloys are used for fillings, crowns, bridges and orthodontic appliances. Gold is used in dentistry because it is chemically inert, nonallergenic and easy for the dentist to work.

Gold is known to have been used in dentistry as early as 700 B.C. Etruscan “dentists” used gold wire to fasten replacement teeth into the mouths of their patients. Gold was probably used to fill cavities in ancient times;, however there is no documentation or archaeological evidence for this use of gold until a little over 1000 years ago.

Gold was much more generously used in dentistry up until the late 1970’s. The sharp run-up of gold prices at that time motivated the development of substitute materials. However, the amount of gold used in dentistry is starting to rise again. Some motivation for this comes from concerns that less inert metals might have an adverse effect on long-term health.

tak sangka dalam perubatan emas jugak digunakan…dalam pergigian dah tahu lama dulu…ok lepas nie kita lihat perkembangan emas di era erospace, bangunan dan simbol kemenangan….bersambung

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