playstation 3 dan nintendo Wii yang berharga lebih RM1 juta (console game emas siot…)

korang tentu dah baca tulisan aku dahulu tentang kegunaan emas dalam industri…ini yang 3 dari emas…yup emas..aku tak tipu..kalau aku tipu web lowyat tipulah dan New Launches tipu la…jugak….ini petikan dari

Sony PS3 Supreme is the world’s most expensive PS3 at $320,000

If you think the latest Final Fantasy version of Sony PS3 is expensive, wait till you get a load of this; a gold PS3 that costs about RM1,137,971.55. This PlayStation is carved out of 1,600 grams of solid 22ct gold and dazzled with a diamond-studded disc load using 58 0.50ct Flawless diamonds. As crazy as the price may seem, the PlayStation 3 Supreme is not the most expensive gaming console blingged by Stuart Hughes. The Nintendo Wii Supreme that costs approximately RM1,706,971.55 was made out of 2.5kg of solid 22ct gold and a total of 19.5ct of diamonds. If someone is crazy enough to buy these consoles, I would definitely love to see how his house looks like.

nie Playstation 3 klik link di bawah

nie nitendo Wii klik link di bawah


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